SamLife Technology

Established in 1993

The top charger manufacturer in Taiwan, continuous development of innovative, user-friendly design and aesthetic practice, increasing the joy of life.


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SamLife Tech. In the power industry with extensive research and development, production, quality management and channel experience. The R & D and marketing headquarters is in Taiwan Taoyuan. The main production bases respectively in Taoyuan Taiwan and Fuel Electronic Company in mainland China.

The product management process from product concept, ID design, electrical design, functional verification, manufacturing, quality management and customers service, with a complete management process.

  • Research

    Investigation and analysis of the global consumer market for mobile devices supply of goods, to develop product plans, according to the regional market demand.

  • Concept

    Combined ID design, circuit development, product planning and marketing department of professional experience. Starting the product project.

  • Develop

    From the IC program design, circuit design and functional planning, 3D model design, injection molding simulation ... etc. Finally, tuning the performance and efficiency optimization.

  • Manufacture

    Focus on the trial production stage, debug and analyze the interference correction and optimizing the product capacity. Finally integrate the product data and enter mass production stage.

  • Service

    Regarding to the customer relationship management, setting up the customer service line and build the production resume system to provide good customer service and complaint tracking.